Our Coffee

We are passionate about offering artisan coffee that meets our high standards of quality and ethics - all our roasts are direct trade and we are pursuing greater traceability as we continue to make connections and forge relationships with importers, exporters, and ultimately the farmers themselves. As roasters our calling is to do justice and honor the hard work of all parties involved in bringing fine coffee into your home.


Deschutes River Roast 

Origin: Columbia
Roast Level: City/city + or light
Region:  This coffee is from Inzá region of Cauca, Columbia
The Farms: This coffee is made up from a cooperative of about six farms that are individually cupped by our supplier and then blended by cup quality.


Sandy River Roast

Origin: Guatemala 
Roast Level: Full city or medium 
Region: Huehuetenango - Northwestern Guatemala with  coffee growing areas at altitudes up to 2,000 meters above sea level
The Farms: This coffee is made from Finca Joya Grande, Finca Colomba, Finca la Maravilla and other smaller farms.

Bristol Bay Roast

Origin: Ethiopia
Roast Level: We are currently roasting this coffee at full city + or medium-dark roast.
Region: This coffee is unique to us in that it is a 3-coffee blend. It is comprised of wet-process coffes from the South (Sidama and Yirga Cheffe specifically) as well as a western coffee.  It interjects fruit-forwardness in the cup - all scored 90+ points on the cupping table.

Decaf Ethiopian Limu Cooperative
Origin: Agaro, Limu
Roast Level: Full City
Region: This particular Limu coffee comes from the Qota cooperative located in Agaro town, South-Western Ethiopia. Swiss Water Processed in Canada.