About Us

Pacific Roots Coffee is a small-batch roastery located in Nehalem, Oregon, owned by Kyle and Breanna Uptegrove.

Originally based in the Portland area the Uptegroves embarked on this roasting journey in the Winter of 2016 and have been blazing the small-business trails, growing and learning along the way. The company and the Uptegroves made the transition to Nehalem in June of 2018 - expanding the vision of Pacific Roots Coffee to reaching the North Coast and bringing artisan coffee to the coastal masses.

A rare native Portlander, Kyle has been in the hotbed of coffee snobbery for most of his life. And as an avid fisherman his passion is making fantastic craft coffee accessible to his beloved NW outdoors community. He serves as the head roaster, green buyer, quality control, and general Overseer of All the Things (not an official title).









Breanna is a transplant from Boise, Idaho though she proudly claims her Northwest native status. She has worked in coffee and service industry and from a young age was inducted into coffee culture, thereby stunting her growth (not actually, that's a myth). She heads up marketing, social media, sales, and brings a general Can-Do spirit to the company.

Kyle and Breanna's love of enjoying a well-roasted brew in the great outdoors, from the Oregon Coast to Alaska, led them to the adventure of starting this roasting company. They're excited about hooking the outdoors community and beyond on quality coffee!